Case Studies

Zoral Social Data Service

May 12, 2020
“There is much talk of using social and web based behavioral data... but which data is predictive? and of what? Zoral SDS knows.”

Zoral SDS comprises a series of crawlers that extract and store publicly available, social data from a wide range of sources. Zoral SDS computes predictive, social features using its extensive NLP, and Sentiment Analysis library.

Zoral SDS is,

Zoral SDS crawls multiple social networks and can be driven using flexible input criteria such as...

Social networks crawled include,

Zoral SDS uses Zoral ML, fuzzy matching algorithms. It crawls iteratively and concurrently using intelligent, dynamically generated search queries and fuzzy matching. In this way, it can zoom-in or converge on matched information across all social networks, eliminating non-matching social data.

Once extracted, social data is matched to the SME client information or input criteria. Metadata is added and the data is,

If a match is not found, or service time-out limit is reached, the Zoral SDS service returns the appropriate error or warning message(s).

Zoral Social Data Service

Zoral SDS data is used to enrich the SME company profile and information and as an input to the Zoral ML Social Score.

Zoral ML Social Score

Zoral ML Social Score uses data and features extracted from social networks Zoral SDS and historic, time-series, previously captured social data.

This is used to