Zoral OCR


zoral ocr significantly reduces document digitization costs. It supports intelligent automation and accelerates process and decision flow in document-driven, business processes. Benefits include,

zoral ocr uses a powerful combination of the latest techniques including,

zoral ocr is a complete, end-to-end, highly scalable ocr solution. It categorizes, extracts and validates data from images and unstructured documents. It handles many formats with low latency and a very high degree of accuracy. It also powers and controls human data quality management for outliers and sample validation.

zoral ocr detects fraudulent documents with ease and integrates to zoral automation platform via extensive Restful, bi-directional API’s. zoral ocr is trained in a number of domains including,

Using zoral ocr and zoral RL3 AI systems, additional domains and documents can be added easily and quickly.

zoral ocr functionality includes

  • optical character recognition from a large number of document formats
  • entity and complex objects recognition and extraction
  • unstructured data parsing with high degree of accuracy
  • granular categorization of documents and pages
  • data normalization and validation
  • advanced recognition and data extraction from tables and forms
  • document fraud and inconsistency detection
  • malicious code detection in documents
  • human assisted data quality management
  • human assisted learning
  • access via granular API
  • low latency, high scalability and availability

zoral ocr is a self-learning, smart platform that can be easily trained to categorize consistently and extract data and information from other business documents and domains.

zoral ocr is highly scalable, coping easily with both small and large data volumes. It eliminates repetitive, error prone tasks and manual data entry inherent in document analysis, decisioning and processing work. zoral ocr provides high automation ROI, saving considerable time and cost.

zoral ocr is fully integrated with zoral automation platform and zoral cognitive rpa.