Zoral Automation Platform


Zoral Automation Platform is a low code/no code, rapid build-and-deploy automation software to digitize, integrate, automate, and control the enterprise... Read more →

Zoral CX


In a recent survey of 362 firms, 80% believed they delivered a “superior experience” to their customers. But when their customers were asked about their own perceptions…they said that only 8% of companies were really delivering... Read more →

Zoral OCR


zoral ocr uses advanced deep learning, AI, statistical, rule-based, and machine-learning algorithms. It reduces document digitization costs significantly. It supports intelligent automation and accelerates process and decisions flow in document-driven business processes... Read more →

Zoral Cognitive RPA


Cognitive RPA has vast potential to transform and automate business processes. Just as machines have revolutionized manufacturing, so will Cognitive RPA in business processes. Powered by robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive RPA is now eliminating huge amounts of manual effort... Read more →

Zoral Analytical Data Warehouse


ADW is a powerful and essential data management component. It captures and consolidates data across the entire enterprise, rendering it “data science” ready. ADW is secure, fault-tolerant, microservices and cloud based... Read more →

Zoral Decision Engine


Zoral Decision Engine captures a huge range of data in real-time. It allows the non-technical user to define complex workflows, rules logic and executes real-time decisions... Read more →

Zoral Behavioral Data Warehouse


Behavioral data can be highly predictive. It improves customer visibility and conversions, reduces cost and helps you make better decisions... Read more →

Zoral Model Library


Whenever people consider models in the context of credit they usually think of credit scores or default probability. These are a small part of the picture... Read more →

Zoral Mortgage Forbearance and Loss Mitigation Module


ZFM provides simple and rapid automation of the forbearance and mitigation processes and their integration with existing, servicing systems and operations... Read more →