Zoral Loan Management

April 4, 2016
“If your system wasn’t designed to handle digital products, it probably won’t...”

Understandably, most loan management systems were designed to record and manage loans. However, when moving your products to a digital platform, they need to do far more. Digital platforms need intelligence, supported by AI. They need to be fed with data for machine learning in order to refine decisioning. Zoral Loan Management (ZLM) was designed to do this from the outset.

Driven by ZDE, ZLM is a highly adaptable credit/loan management system. It combines with ZDE to form a flexible platform supporting digital lending. ZLM captures and feeds a wide range of data to real time decisioning, driving the customer journey and next-best-action decisions. It can be implemented rapidly and evolve to your product needs without the need for time consuming development.

ZLM captures customer and product lifecycle decisioning, performance and supplementary data. It is easily adapted to multiple financial products and supports intelligent and dynamic customer journey. Front office, back office workflows and business processes are fully configurable. It functions as part of a straight-though-processing (STP) architecture, and automates and streamlines manual business operations processes.

Zoral ZLM functionality

Zoral Loan Management, approved applications Zoral Loan Management, declined applications
Zoral loan management system, customer lifecycle
Zoral Loan Management, declined application details

Zoral ZLM as part of Zoral Platform is ideal for...

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